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Who is GoldenCollar?

GoldenCollar is a private Business School, part of the UFEC Group. GoldenCollar offers high-quality education with a particular focus on developing practical skills. Our teaching team is made up of experienced professionals with specialized skills and theoretical knowledge and all our classrooms are equipped with modern teaching techniques.

Our educational offer is very wide: diploma courses from BAC + 1 to BAC + 8 in business, management, languages, IT, design, etc. Students from many countries come to pursue our education, which allows them to realize their professional dreams.

GoldenCollar is more than a Business School, it is the door to your international career.

Missions and values

We aim to provide our students with high-quality training that will allow them to deploy their talents. The knowledge acquired throughout the courses offered by our institute is a guarantee of success in the job market. As part of this mission, we ensure:

• Give priority to the operational and practical aspect of our training: in addition to solid theoretical foundations, our students acquire concrete skills.

• Offer high-quality education: this is guaranteed by experienced teachers and confirmed by the success of our former students.

• Provide an international environment to promote intercultural talk.

• Innovate and listen: we are constantly improving our services to better meet the needs of students. Their satisfaction and success are our best rewards. 

Member of UFEC 

The French Union for Education and International Cooperation (UFEC) is a 1901 Law non-profit association whose objective is to promote collaboration between universities and private schools in France and abroad. UFEC works in partnership with many leading universities and business schools. It also accredits Bachelor, Advanced Master, MBA, PhD and DBA qualifications for private schools. For further information: http://www.ufec-france.org/

Since the establishment of the school, Institute GoldenCollar has paid great attention to the quality of teaching. It has hired world-renowned universities professors and experts with practical work experience in major multinational companies to give lectures. It has realized the combination of theory and practical application and is deeply loved by students. In addition to the long-term chief professor, the substitute teachers who teach at our school are also kind, dedicated and responsible. In order to enable students to integrate into the social work environment as soon as possible, our school often invites experts from all walks of life to come to the school to give lectures to impart work experience and knowledge that cannot be learned in class.

Organization of The GoldenCollar Institute, Dr. Vincent CHANE is Chairman of the Board.