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How to apply

Required documents:

two passport photos: one standard-sized (35x45mm), the other one not exceeding 50% of the standard-sized photo
a photocopy of your residence permit (students from outside the EU) or National ID Card/passport (French and EU students)
your university diplomas or certificates and photocopies of academic transcripts of the last two years
registration and tuition fee (in cash or by cheque)
one french resume
cover letter

as well as:
French Social Security Card ("Carte Vitale") - if you have one
your last three payslips photocopies as proof of your health insurance - if you are over 28 years old work in France
certificate of regular attendance (specifying total class time) and results sheet - for the previous year's French students.

School year
Admissions are possible in February or in September. Please contact us to check if admissions are still open for the period you have chosen.

Further requirements:
Foreign students from non-EU countries must have a student visa (travel visas can be accepted only for French language courses with a maximum duration of three months). If you are going to apply for a student visa, contact us to learn more about the application procedure.
If you have obtained a Master 2 diploma in the past, you can choose another Master 2 major or PHD/DBA level studies.
Registration certificates will not be issued unless you pay your registration and tuition fees.