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IT development project manager

This training is in the process of being registered by the RNCP.

BAC + 4 to BAC + 5 level training

This training is intended to train experts and project managers in IT development. The job of IT Development Project Manager revolves around the following 5 fields :

  • Study and define the field and objectives of the project:

The first major activity of the IT Development Project Manager is to take stock of the situation and define the objectives and outlines of the project. For this he / she will carry out the market study and will propose on the basis of the functional specifications of the user and the general technical specifications of the project, To do this he / she will carry out IT functional specifications which will specify the content of the transactions, the IT tools used and it will be validated by the user. He/she will define the needs in terms of human resources and technical skills. This person will make an evaluation of the budget and a provisional schedule of realization.

  • Lead, follow up and coordinate project

A second major activity of the IT Development Project Manager is to define the project management methods as well as the project monitoring indicators.

He / she must lead the project steering committee with all internal or external stakeholders. In order to monitor the project, he / she must provide the people concerned with a blueprint during the progress of the project. He / she ensures the management of the team and he / she must distribute the missions to collaborators, in order to increase skills within the team, this person should use tools for measuring personal performance and results, and implements improvement plans.

  • Client relationship management :

A third activity of the IT development project manager is to manage the customer relationship, which means define his communication strategy. He / She will have to list the stakeholders of the project and identify the client (s) in order to adapt communication skills with different stakeholders. He/she must adopt the keys to effective communication: making contact, synchronization, active listening, questioning, the formulas to favor, the words and expressions to avoid.

He/she will have to prepare a propaganda plan.

Targeted skills:

-Use visual management to better communicate and manage risky situations

- Knowing how to announce alerts and bad news, negotiate a deadline.

-Knowing how to receive objections and criticisms from the client, manage disagreements, bad faith or manipulation.

  • Writing specifications and supervising development:

the IT development project manager will participate in the functional analysis of user needs and write the technical specifications from the functional specifications. He / she will have to design software and define the languages and tools used. He / she supervises the team development and the implementation of this software.

  • Manage tests and functional acceptance:

The IT development project manager defines the test protocols and test scenarios.

He/she performs the tests, identifies and deals with any malfunctions of the software developed.

He/she verifies whether the software meets the need of the client.

  • Improvement and corrective maintenance of tools

The IT development project manager puts the sites into service at the customer's premises, allowing the final tests to be carried out on site. The mission of the IT project manager can be extended by evolutionary and corrective maintenance.

 Future opportunities

  • IT Project Manager
  • IT development manager
  • IT project manager
  • Head of Computer Science Studies
  • IT application project manager
  • Study and IT Development Engineer
  • Software development and deployment engineer
  • Software developer, integrator

Training content presented by skill block:

Block n ° 1 Write the specifications according to the client's needs

-Participate with the client in the drafting of the functional specifications

-Establish the IT specifications from the functional specifications , evaluate result of the internal or external call for tenders.

Block n ° 2 Application development

-Define the administrative specifications and the  basic architecture of the application

-Study the main programming languages

-Define the programming language

-Study the general principles of computer law

-Define the level of IT security

- Supervise the development teams

-Ensure the application of the quality assurance plan

Block n ° 3 Receipt and commissioning of applications

-Perform the application recipe

-Start the application

-Train users to use the application


Block n ° 4 Maintenance and updating of new versions, after-sales service, integration of new technologies

-Set up user assistance

-Realize the updates of the application